A Docking Operation (ドッキングオペレーション, Dokkingu Opereeshon), also known as simply Docking (ドッキング, Dokkingu), is an ability exclusive to users of the Vivid System which allows two users to merge into a more powerful being with upgraded weapons and abilities.

Forms Created Through DockingEdit

Vivid BlueEdit

Participants: Akane Isshiki and Aoi Futaba

Equipped with the Vivid Impact, Vivid Blue boasts in physical power compared to the other forms.

Vivid GreenEdit

Participants: Akane Isshiki and Wakaba Saegusa

Equipped with the Vivid Blade, Vivid Green is the fastest of the forms, seemingly teleporting short distances and dealing quick and powerful slashes.

Vivid YellowEdit

Participants: Akane Isshiki and Himawari Shinomiya

Vivid Yellow excels in defense and powerful ranged attacks. Equipped with the versatile Vivid Collider, she can use it as a powerful shield or change it into an energy cannon.

Vivid RedEdit

Participants: Akane Isshiki and Rei Kuroki

The most powerful of the forms, Vivid Red contains the light of the creation of universes. While not equipped with a weapon, she has the Vivid Punch which concentrates her power into her fist for a powerful strike.