Vivid Red Operation Wiki
Kanji うそくん
Rōmaji Uso-kun
Age N/A
Gender Male
Hair Color Orange and cream
Eye Color Black
Occupation Assistant to Vivid System Users
Anime Debut Episode 1: "First Operation"

Uso-kun (うそくん, Uso-kun) is a character in Vivid Red Operation. He is a sentient a plush sea otter doll and an alter-ego of Kenjirou Isshiki.


As Uso-kun, Kenjirou is a sentient otter doll with orange fur, black eyes, white underbelly, and brown paws. He also carry a computer in his back through which he monitor Vivid System.


As Uso-kun, Kenjiro's personality is basically same.


Uso-kun came to being when Kenjirou had his consciousness accidently transferred into a plush sea otter given by Momo in an explosion at his lab just as he completed Vivid System. Though horrified by his accidental transformation, Kenjirou put that aside by giving Akane Vivid System Key and had her and Momo preserve his human body on the refrigerator.

Informing Akane the situation along with Alones' possible involvement in the attack, he and his granddaughter made haste for Manifestation Engine and sees Blue Island UN Defendse Force attempting to stop an Alone's advance to no avail. In the middle of the attack, they see Aoi's ship crash-landed on top of the building due to caught in the crossfire. Acting fast, he guided Akane for Aoi and sees her overcoming her fear of height to save her best friends, leading Akane to activate Vivid System and summon her Palette Suit, saving them both from certain death.

As the battle against Alone begins, Uso-kun guides Akane and Aoi using their newfound powers to save surviving military forces. While keeping his current condition, he contacted Yuuri Shijo to tell her that he'll borrow some amount of Manifestation Engine's energy a bit to aid his granddaughter and Aoi, convincing her to support the girls. Despite the Alone unexpectedly evolve into stronger form due to interference from an unknown force, they nevertheless able to defeat it, saving the Engine. Although, Kenjirou warned Yuuri that the fight has just begun.


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