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Vivid Red Operation (ビビッドレッド・オペレーション, Bibiddoreddo Operēshon) is a anime series produced by A-1 Pictures and directed by Kazuhiro Takamura, released on January 11, 2012.[1]

The story is set in the future, and revolves around a group of girls, particularly a bright and energetic girl named Akane Isshiki. The tagline for the series is "Friendship is the key to saving the world" (友情が世界を守る鍵, Yuujou ga sekai wo mamoru kagi).

The anime series was first released on January 11, 2012 on MBS, and is also broadcast on TBS, CBC, and BS-TBS. Vivid Red Operation features an all-original story, with character designs by Hidari and redjuice.

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An original anime project collaboration between ASCII Media Works Dengeki G's Magazine and Aniplex was announced on the July issue of Dengeki G's Magazine, with a countdown site which reveals details about the upcoming project opened a few days later.[2] Among the details revealed in the countdown site are about the series' theme, genre, settings, and production staff. The project was given a tentative title Vinto de Pint, which was the name of the countdown site, but it was later replaced with Vivid Red Operation, which becomes the series' finalized title for its broadcast.

Confirmed staff members include Kazuhiro Takayama of Strike Witches fame, who will direct and handle character designs for Vivid Red Operation, Hiroyuki Hoshino who will handle scriptwriting alongside Takayama[3], Hidari and redjuice contributing to concept designs to the series[4], and A-1 Pictures as the animation studio in-charge of the project.[3]


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