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Friendship, the key to saving the world.

An ideal world where science was the solution to everything. That was everyone's wish.

The setting for this story was Oshima. Where the everyday poor but heartwarming lives of Akane Isshiki, an innocent and naive 14-year old girl, along with her sister Momo who takes care of all the housework single handely and her genius inventor of a grandfather Kenjirou (but spends all his time making useless things), were brought out.

If the weather's good, the artificial island of Blue Island, overlooking the sea could be seen. And within the center of this island, towers the ground-breaking invention that solved the world's energy problem - the Materialization Engine. That was the peaceful future that everyone dreamed of, where everyone could smile in the happy days.

But, this world is suddenly hit by danger. Mysterious enemies who target the Materialization Engine, the Alone, appear. In midst of this desperate situation, where all weapons were found to be useless against the enemies, one girl, wearing a red suit called "Palette Suit", holding immense power within, stands. And with her, are the comrades and friends who has gathered around her.

The friendship between these girls are, without a doubt, the only hope of saving the world.

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Akane Isshiki is a girl with maroon-colored hair style into two ponytails on either side of her head. She always wears a stylized seifuku with a black and white color scheme and a red ribbon, and wears white shorts and black socks.

She is often seen riding her airbike on land or on water, which she often uses in her part-time job of delivering newspapers.