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The Vivid System (ビビッドシステム, Bibiddo Shisutemu) is a defense system whose sole purpose is to empower its users to fight the Alone. It was developed by Kenjirou Isshiki, and is currently used by Akane Isshiki and her friends.


The "original key" of the Vivid System.

Kenjirou Isshiki, a scientist, started developing the Vivid System while he was working on the Infinite Energy project several years ago. This "secret" project came as a response to his discovery the existence of the Alone. Initially, he tried to warn his fellow researchers about his discovery, but his warning was simply ignored and he was later decommissioned from the project entirely. Regardless of this, he continues to work on the Vivid System in his home in Oshima.

He manages to successfuly complete the Vivid System, which is stored in a key-shaped device, but an accident at the end of the completion of the key caused Kenjirou's consciousness to be ejected from his body and into a plush sea otter doll, giving birth to Uso-kun. Despite this, he continues to oversee the development of the Vivid System, giving the Vivid System Key to his granddaughter Akane Isshiki and entrusting to her the duty of defeating the Alone through his creation.


The Vivid System is a defense system which allows those who are authorized to use specially made keys from an original, owned by Akane Isshiki, to utilize specialized suits called Palette Suits and their respective weapons to defeat the Alone.

Users of the Vivid System, if the need arises, can also perform a Docking Operation, which allows Akane and another person to merge into a more powerful being. While the other user is usually someone who also uses a Palette Suit, it does not seem to be a requirement as Akane has docked with someone not part of the Vivid System. Akane also does not need to be the initiator of the docking sequence. While the conciousness of the two users meld together when docked, Akane is the dominant personality who talks through the new form while the other participant speaks via a ghostly voice.

List of Known Users[]


  • The word "naked" in the names of the weapons used by the users of the Vivid System is based on the Japanese loadword "naked bike" (ネイキッドバイク, neikeddobaiku), which refers to a motorcycle style whose engine is exposed and visible.
  • The system itself may have been programmed using a programming language similar to Ruby, which is a widely-used programming language in the creation of role-playing games.